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Korean career women still left out of the “boys club”

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A close friend of mine is worried she will lose her job next year. This is despite the fact that she has been in that position for more than five years. Nevertheless her employers (a national company) may decide to terminate her employment as it is easier for them to higher a new person on a contract basis rather than employ her as permanent staff.

While I understand this is a common problem around the world, she is concerned about not being able to find another job. This friend is the only woman in her office, making the fact that she has continued to do her job successfully for so many years a mighty achievement. I wonder how long a man working in an office full of women would last. Read more…


Written by BiancaZAR

October 20, 2009 at 11:14 pm

NightWalkingTruths Explained

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Haengnam seaside walk at night. Ulleungdo, June 2009

Haengnam seaside walk at night. Ulleungdo, June 2009

One Durbanite. Six months. An island between South Korea and Japan. Teaching English. Thinking about home and the journey to wherever that is. NightWalkingTruths (NWT) is the umbrella under which all my sudden mental object formations (thoughts) about South Africa, Ulleung Island (South Korea) and everything in between fall under.

I have been trying to come up with a blog name since a few weeks before I came to the island. advises that the name of your blog should: describe what it is about, be easy to remember and equal the domain name, of course. These tips didn’t help me as I couldn’t put into specific words what my blog was literally going to be about. It was easier to make a list of what the blog is not going to be about. How was I going to fit all these expectations into one name? I was stuck.

The answer came to me my first night on Ulleung Island (Ulleungdo). I walked along the harbour shore, listened to the howling wind and felt salty drops of ocean spray from the waves crashing against the jagged black rocks.  Where was I? This felt like a place of true inspiration where my mind was assimilating all the tiny grains of black sand ideas that exist in my universe. All lumped together under this mountain that is an island.

As I walked in the dark with a smile on my face, I felt liberated embracing the freedom of the night walk. My mind started tickling these ideas and this is what I came up with:

NightWalking: advancing in life, synthesizing dreams and fears, realising opportunities and searching for light in the darkness. A journey in search of liberation and freedom in the sense of living in a place where you can go for walks at night, where you are safe,  where people aren’t starving and can work to support their families.

My journey is from Durban to Johannesburg (where I hope to move to in 2010) via South Korea. Usually we are advised not to walk the streets at night looking for answers yet that is when they appear. This is exactly what happened and so here I am, on this page, for you to read. Hopefully you will find NWT easy to remember…

Written by BiancaZAR

June 14, 2009 at 5:09 pm