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The Man in the Smiling Fan Bearer Mask

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Going through my photos after a shoot is a tedious job. Having to unwillingly delete the unusable images is depressing.

However, there is a small bit of pleasure in this activity when I come across little suprises that I didn’t notice while shooting.

 Emotive expressions of lurkers in the background, a backdrop of blue skies and bright puffy clouds and other bits and pieces make always me smile during this painstaking process.

Last night I was exhausted after spending the afternoon in the dry Highveld sun at the Chinese New Year celebration at Brightwater Commons in Randburg. I stayed up late going through the mountain of lion and dragon dancing images, agonizing over which ones to keep and which ones to remove forever.

The lion dance up close was really impressive. Their movements were unexpectedly life like and one of my favourite images of the day is the close up I got of the smiling fan bearer.

Smiling Mask Man

In all the frenzy of sequined lions and crashing cymbals I managed to get him to do a peace sign for my photo. A second later he was up again waving the red fan in provocation to the lions.

As I went through images of the next dance the performers were exposed, their masks had been discarded in favour of poles carrying a never ending pink dragon. I recognized the man in the fan bearing mask as we was still wearing the same bright yellow pants as in the previous dance.

This was my surprise of the day. Strong arms and a not too boyish face. Right here under my lens was a very good looking man.

I know I’ve only been in Johannesburg for two weeks but seriously, what a disappointment. Considering it calls itself “New York of Africa” I had pretty high expectations of seeing packs of attractive men dripping off the pavements.

Just so you know, I’m not the only one who is under this misconception as many of my friends have asked me if I’ve spotted any potential. Well, after Saturday I can finally tell them yes!

Not only attractive but I presume he must be a slightly alternative kind of guy. It’s not your average Joe who would run around a shopping centre lawn, waving fans at sparkly lions to entertain the masses who are there for the free entertainment.

I’ll leave it up to your imagination of how he really looks behind the mask, so as to protect his secretly good-looking identity. Let’s hope that the rest of the good-looking men in Jo’burg aren’t also hiding behind masks.


Written by BiancaZAR

February 22, 2010 at 6:04 am