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One in Four

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This is shocking. Today the Mail and Guardian Online has reported on a Medical Research Council Study which reveals that One in four men in South Africa has admitted to rape and many confess to attacking more than one victim.”

If this article doesn’t wake you up to the rape crisis in South Africa, I’m not sure what else will. I knew it was bad but reading the statistics on black and white is heart-stopping. When will the violence end? What can we do to stop this? I will ask these questions over and over again. We need to think of ways how we can help as individuals.

The article and report also states that, “rape was associated with significantly greater degrees of exposure to trauma in childhood.” This directly relates to what I was saying in my previous post, “Be the change” about South African’s mobilizing to improve our country for the youth of the future. Think about the children who are growing up with no moral guidance and support. How can you help them?


Written by BiancaZAR

June 18, 2009 at 11:35 pm