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The cutest students in Korea

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Me and my crazy cute students

It’s official. I have the cutest students in Korea. These Elementary school students on Ulleungdo would win any competition hands down. They love games and songs and get crazy enthusiastic over chanting “Who stole the cookie from the jar?” Seriously, if I wanted to do this everyday I could, it never gets old.

Sometimes the enthusiasm gets a little out of hand. A few weeks ago I was playing a game with a 4th grader class, boys against girls because you know that’s always more fun.

Things got so heated that one boy stood up on his chair and started shouting “Puck you girls! Puck you!” (Konglish pronunciation replaces “f” with “p” hence the puck you and not….you what I mean.) The game, like many others ended in tears.

My time on Ulleungdo is coming to an end and even though there has been endless chaos I’m dreading saying goodbye to these kids who have made my time here so special. They will always be in my heart.


Written by BiancaZAR

December 13, 2009 at 3:35 am

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